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Merge Files & Attachments
into a PDF File

In Salesforce, you often need to merge multiple files and attachments into a single PDF. But, there is no option to convert or combine your files within your org.

As per the Salesforce standard process, you can only download files and attachments one-by-one from your org to desktop, and then manually merge and/or convert them into a PDF. This process takes a lot of time,especially in the case of multiple Salesforce files.

To provide a solution for this, we’ve added the “Merge Files” feature to File ZIPO.

Now, you can merge these Salesforce (PDF & Word) files into a single PDF file which you can download on desktop. It saves your time, manual work & increases your productivity by many folds.

Benefits of Using File ZIPO
to Merge Files

Easy File Management

If you have to deal with a lot of files everyday day, it is ideal to merge them into a single PDF for efficient file management. With this, you don’t need to go through the hassle of managing so many individual files and saving them separately in your org.

Merge any File Size/ Volume

You can merge files & Attachments (PDF & Word format) of any size or volume in a single PDF File within a few clicks with the help of File ZIPO. When you merge these files, an email notification will be sent to you, and you can simply download the converted file via a link to your desktop.

Saves Time

As per the Salesforce standard process, you need to download each PDF or word file one-by-one on your desktop. This process is very tedious. Using File ZIPO, you can merge Salesforce files into a single PDF and download them once, saving your time & effort.

Compatibility with all Operating Systems

Sometimes, word documents are not compatible with all operating systems. In this case, some users may not be able to access them. Using File ZIPO, you can merge these word files

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