How to add a new Dropbox account in the File ZIPO?


Few Simple Steps to Add new DropBox Account in File ZIPO

1. Open the FileZIPO application from App Launcher & Click on “Manage External Accounts” tab

Manage External Accounts

2. Click on Dropbox.

Click on Dropbox

3. It will open below popup with instructions

below popup with instructions

4. Follow all the instructions defined in Step 1 to get the access Token. Here is the detailed explanation for each step:

a. Open this Link Click Here
b. Login with your Dropbox username and password.
c. Choose an API as “Dropbox API”.

Choose an API as "Dropbox API"

d. Choose the type of access you need: “Full Dropbox”.

Full Dropbox

  • Name your app

Name your app

  • Click Create app

Click Create app

  • Click Permission and check file access.

Click Permission and check file access.

  • Once saved, click “Generate” on Generated access token and copy the value in below field.

click "Generate" on Generated access token

5. Once token is generated, just copy it and place in the Step 2 of the popup.

Once token is generated

6. Click Save & you are done. We are ready to save or transfer files from Salesforce to Dropbox or via versa.


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