Live Webinar – Sync and Integrate Salesforce Files and Attachments using File ZIPO

6th May
11:00 am UTC
1 Hr
About Webinar

Welcome to File ZIPO Second (2nd) Webinar in which we going to discuss about: Sync of Salesforce Files and Attachments to an external Cloud Storage such as OneDrive, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox & using File ZIPO, a native application. It can also build two way connection like if you setup two-way sync, then make any changes in an external cloud (add of a file, remove, etc.) will be replicated back to Salesforce.

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    About The Host

    Expert who will be conducting this webinar
    Mohit BansalCEO & CO-FOUNDER, Tech9logy Creators

    He is a Certified Salesforce Developer and Administrator with 15+ years of experience. He is proficient at handling all aspects of like Customization, Configuration, Lightning, APEX Coding, 3rd Party Systems Integration, Apps Development and others. With that, he has also designed and implemented multiple AppExchange apps; these include:

    • Bulk Object Field Creator
    • File ZIPO

    Of these two, today we are discussing about File ZIPO addressing concerns like how it saves admins' and devs' time and efforts in doing multiple tasks.

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    Expert who will be conducting this webinar