How to upload / transfer multiple Files / Attachments from Salesforce to Dropbox?

Upload multiple Files from Salesforce to dropbox

FileZIPO – One solution for all files types

FileZIPO is a native application designed for developers and admins to perform action on Files & Attachments. User can perform multiple operations like

  1. ZIP Files – Zip multiple files in single or multiple folders (parent-child structure)
  2. Sync Files – Sync your Salesforce files & attachments with external cloud storage accounts, viz., OneDrive, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox & Access them any time within your Salesforce org with File ZIPO’s real-time sync.
  3. Backup Files – Salesforce storage is limited & expensive. Backup your Salesforce files of any size or volume to an external cloud or on-premise storage hassle-free.
  4. Archive Files – Sync all your legacy Salesforce files & attachments to external cloud storage to access & manage them at one place, hassle-free..
  5. Transfer files from Salesforce to External Platforms like DropBox,, Amazon S3, Google Drive.
  6. Transfer files from External Platforms like DropBox,, Amazon S3, Google Drive to Salesforce.

This app is a shorter route to perform mass operations like ZIP, Sync, Backup, Archive, Transfer, Report on Files & Attachments. It will reduce manual effort & increase productivity for end users.

Scenario: I need to transfer or upload some files from my Salesforce to my Dropbox Account

Few Simple Steps to upload/transfer files from Salesforce to Dropbox:

Step 1. Open the FileZIPO application from App Launcher & Click on “Manage Files / Attachments” tab.

FileZIPO application from App Launcher

Step 2. It will open screen like below Image

Select single or multiple Files / Attachments

Above image has some features (each number has its description as below):

  1. Select single or multiple Files / Attachments.
  2. Click on “Click Here to Download/Transfer” button.
  3. User can use multiple Filters like dropdown by Selecting “Files & Attachments” or “Only Files” or “Only Attachments”, by Objects and by File / Attachments Name.
  4. User can use “Advance filter” by clicking on Filter Icon. Once clicked, it will open the popup like below image:

use "Advance filter" by clicking on Filter Icon

User can use multiple type of filters like “Filter By Object”, “Filter by User”, “Filter by Keywords”.

For eg: Filter By Object

Filter By Object

Above image has some features (each number has its description as below):

  1. User can select the field from the dropdown.
  2. User can choose operator like “Equals to / Not Equals to”.
  3. Enter the value of the Selected field in the first point.
  4. Click on “Apply Filter” button to get filtered Files/Attachments.

Once “Apply Filter” button is clicked, user will get filtered files / Attachments like below image.

get filtered files and Attachments

Step 3. Once files/attachments are filtered, Click on “Click Here to Download/Transfer” button.

Click Here to Download/Transfer

Above image has some features (each number has its description as below):

  1. Choose the option as “Save on Dropbox”.
  2. Select Dropbox Account from the DropDown.
  3. User can select existing folder to save file on Dropbox by Clicking Select Existing Folder Button.
  4. User can Enter New Folder name to save file in new folder on Dropbox.
  5. User can Overwrite Existing Files by clicking the checkbox.
  6. Click on “Save Files” Button to save files on

Step 4. After click on “Save Files” Button, screen look like below image.

After click on "Save Files

Step 5. After completing the processing , go to your Dropbox account to check your uploaded files, like below image.

After completing the proccessing


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